Theme Winners Nov ’14 & Dec ’14 ..

Frankly not much colour inspirations on the block for December 2014  , hence picked admin’s photographs , generally not a trend in the group however important is to showcase good work on the group …

In no particular order 1st three photographs are december ’14 theme – color winners and last three photographs are november’14 theme portraits winner .

Arnold Despi

Arnold Despi – Dec ’14 theme “color “

Mohd imam Hasan

Mohd imam Hasan – ” Dec’14 theme color “

Pushkar raj sharma

Pushkar raj sharma – “Dec ’14 theme color ” 

cedric roux -" Nov '14 Theme Portraits"

cedric roux -” Nov ’14 Theme Portraits”

Donj Pagunsan -" Nov '14 Theme Portraits"

Donj Pagunsan -” Nov ’14 Theme Portraits”

Naf Nodi -" Nov '14 Theme Portraits"

Naf Nodi -” Nov ’14 Theme Portraits”


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