About us

Hello All

The idea behind the Street-o-Graphy page on the Facebook when founded was to share and care and provide home for world street photographers.

Slowly it became passion and crossed 5500 souls in about 6-7 months , yes it crazily grew. Members became admin and family of admins from across the globe work together to make this group run and live on day-day basis.

To me , street photographer is pure and unique. The stage gets set and your pulse becomes high when you click the shutter and after fraction of seconds the adrenaline rush in your mind vanishes away . This adrenaline rush strikes you many times throughout the day and this is what keeps you going . Untold stories , drama , action , moments is all what you see in photographs . It helps us connect the world , see the world in its purest form .

Activities on this group are

  • Photo of the week converted as Facebook group’s Street-o-Graphy banner – Every Friday
  • Artist of the Month with a short interview published and pinned to the wall ( mostly for entire month  )
  • Inspirations of the Month
  • Monthly theme winners
  • Weekly critique and voting on a pic from critique album
  • Weekly critique section ( pinned to the wall ) . Selected from Critique album / admin discretion

so see you around 😉



best regards

Pushkar Raj sharma , Founder – Street-O-Graphy


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